C. R. Ling

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T1 relaxation values of rat liver and spleen tissue have been measured over a 6-month period whilst feeding with p-dimethyl-aminoazobenzene (DAB). Measurements of tissue water and iron content have also been made. A small rise in liver T1 value during the early stages of DAB feeding, from a control value of 296 +/- 12 ms to 318 +/- 12 ms after 3 weeks,(More)
In separate experiments, normal foreign tissue and malignant tumour were implanted s.c. into the rat thigh. NMR T1 values of the adjacent normal muscle, resulting from local inflammatory reactions or from malignant invasion, were measured. Elevations in T1 of the underlying muscle occurred within 24 h in both experiments, and it is believed these were(More)
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