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Fibroblasts were cultured on top of or at the bottom of hydrated collagen lattices. Shortly after initially interacting with the collagen lattices, fibroblasts appeared to attach to individual collagen fibrils and in many cases cell processes were found wrapped around clusters of collagen fibrils. Tension generated by cells during spreading resulted in(More)
Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection presents ethical dilemmas for health care professionals involved in critical care settings. Although critical care may prolong life for those with life-threatening illness or surgeries, the long-term outcome is still poor for those infected with HIV. Health care professionals have an obligation to provide quality(More)
An endometrial stromal sarcoma metastatic to the lung produced positive sputum cytology. A definitive characterization of the pulmonary lesion was made by ultrastructural study of cytologic material obtained by fine needle aspiration of the lung. The histologic grading and corresponding ultrastructural morphology of the endometrial stromal malignancy in(More)
In order to determine whether baseline depression was related to initial success or failure in smoking cessation, we prospectively examined mood self-ratings in a pilot study of 43 unselected smokers attempting to quit smoking in an outpatient program. Mean pretreatment POMS depression scores in the subjects who were unable to quit were significantly higher(More)
We used a two-group hybrid, multiple baseline and reversal design to assess the efficacy of a prompt--an in-chart checklist--for increasing screening, counseling, and referral for 11 risk behaviors. Chart reviews for randomly selected patients of each provider showed very low baseline levels of these services for routine visits (0.2% to 3.8%). But(More)
The normal microscopic and submicroscopic structure of the lower respiratory tract of the budgerigar (Melopsittacus undulatus) is described and compared with other birds and mammals. Granular (type II) pneumocytes are confined to linings of air sacs, parabronchi, and their atria; however, their secretions (surfactant) cover the surfaces of the infundibula(More)
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