C. R. Hema

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A brain machine interface (BMI) design for controlling the navigation of a power wheelchair is proposed. Real-time experiments with four able bodied subjects are carried out using the BMI-controlled wheelchair. The BMI is based on only two electrodes and operated by motor imagery of four states. A recurrent neural classifier is proposed for the(More)
Hypoacusis is the most prevalent sensory disability in the world and consequently, it can lead to impede speech in human beings. One best approach to tackle this issue is to conduct early and effective hearing screening test using Electroencephalogram (EEG). EEG based hearing threshold level determination is most suitable for persons who lack verbal(More)
The EEG frequency bands are brain rhythms that indicate the activity level of the brain. This paper investigates the effects of the sub-band frequency on the classification of motor imagery of hand movements. Ten sub-bands of 10Hz width between 0 to 100 Hz are chosen. Band power features of the sub-bands are classified using a neural classifier. Motor(More)
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