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This paper covers the monitoring activities of organochlorine (OCS) pesticide residues in the GEMS/Food program, which China took part in for the first time in 1992. The levels of HCH and DDT were determined in 355 samples of eight main varieties of food, taken from five provinces and cities. The results show that the positive rate of HCH is 69%, of which(More)
Two new species of brackish-water Macrostomum (M. zhujiangensis n. sp. and M. baoanensis n. sp.) were described based on samples collected from the littoral zone of the Zhujiang Estuary. These are the first records of brackish-water Macrostomum from southern China. Macrostomum zhujiangensis n. sp. and M. baoanensis n. sp. differ from other similar species(More)
In this paper, two new brackish-water species of Macrostomum (M. shenzhenensis n. sp. and M qiaochengensis n. sp.) collected from the artificial lake in Overseas Chinese Town mangrove wetland, are described based on the morphology of the penis stylet and on a molecular phylogenetic analysis. M. shenzhenensis n. sp. has an elongate, narrow stylet with(More)
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