C. R. F. Costa

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The usage of information systems has significantly augmented in the last years and healthcare is not an exception. The growing use of computer systems has increased the productivity and quality of services provided by medical institutions. These systems can generate a huge amount of information and it is possible to identify several tools to process and(More)
Nowadays is common to have health care institutions providing remote assistance, such as, remote diagnosis (telediagnosis) and second opinion from a specialized physicians (teleconsultation), to others medical institutions that do not have specialized human resources, or even for educational propose. The evolution of technology creates opportunities to(More)
With the ubiquitous reach of the Internet, providing secure services over the communication networks has induced more challenges in addition to the requirements of quality of service (QoS) of a wide variety of applications. More importantly, security mechanisms, such as authentication, trust management, and key distribution are deployed at the expense of(More)
—We present a powerful distributed framework for comparing trajectories and answering queries of the form: " Report objects (i.e., trajectories) that follow a similar spatiotemporal motion to Q, where Q is some query trajectory ". Each trajectory resides in its entirety in-situ, which is cheaper and more efficient for mobile devices. Our SmartTrace(More)
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