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This work investigates and analyzes recent research trends and presents experimental guidelines on MANETs. More than 1,300 MANET related papers in IEEE/IEE Electronic Library (IEL Online) from 1998 to 2003 were collected and surveyed. The research trends, qualitative analysis and simulation guidelines from fifteen major MANET issues are investigated to(More)
When searching for resources on networks, the system often depends on the broadcast or multicast mechanism to acquire the information, which usually results in large overhead. It is a serious problem in ad-hoc wireless networks, where the bandwidth is limited and each node moves arbitrarily and acts not only as a host but also as a router. This work(More)
With higher requirement for communications and tremendous growth of mobile subscribers, maximizing bandwidth utilization in cell overlapping systems has been attracting much attention. This work develops an efficient channel allocation scheme based on the cell order and channel order to improve the channel capacity in an overlapping cellular system.(More)
Android best practices for performance are small code changes proposed by Google to reduce execution time. This paper evaluates and analyzes the impact of two of these best practices on performance and energy consumption. The practices are applied to the code of an Android application and the code efficiency is analyzed. The practices indicate a positive(More)
In this paper, an efficient and modified load balancing algorithm is proposed. This paper shows the results of the proposed energy aware load balancing algorithm. Global re-clustering is initiated when the network becomes significantly unbalanced i. e. if the variance of degree of the cluster heads in the network is greater than a predetermined threshold.(More)
Multicasting is an essential service for mobile ad-hoc networks. A major challenge of multicasting in mobile ad-hoc networks is unstable forwarding path. This work presents a reliable multicasting protocol for mobile ad-hoc networks. A virtual backbone is used as a shared structure for multiple sessions, and a lost packet recovery scheme is developed for(More)
Growing Book refers to an electronic textbook that is codeveloped, and has the ability to be constantly maintained, by groups of independent authors, thus creating a rich and ever-growing learning environment that can be conveniently accessible from anywhere. This work designs and implements a Web Service-based Growing Book that has the merits of single(More)
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