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The glucose transporter is a membrane glycoprotein that is involved in the uptake of glucose by most, if not all, animal cells. A cloned cDNA that encodes the human protein was used to map the gene to a specific chromosomal region and to identify a DNA polymorphism. The human gene (designated GLUT) was assigned to chromosome 1p31.3----p35 by hybridization(More)
New RFLPs are described for INP10 and interleukin 2. The 55 pairwise genetic linkage relationships for these two loci and nine additional loci on the long arm of chromosome 4 (4q) are reported. Fifteen new linkages are established, and new data are added to the four previously reported linkages on 4q. Tight linkage of interleukin 2 (T-cell growth factor),(More)
INTRODUCTION Skin photoaging is the consequence of solar UV exposure, and DNA damage is an important part of this process. The objective of the current work was to demonstrate that in vitro skin models can be utilized to confirm that DNA damage protection is provided by sunscreens. METHODS Skin equivalents were exposed to full-spectrum UV light(More)
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