C. R. Byra Reddy

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There is an urgent need for diversifying livelihood of low-income artisanal fishermen due to rapidly dwindling fishery resources. CSIR-Central Salt and Marine Chemicals Research Institute takes pride in being first for pioneering Kappaphycus alvarezii cultivation, heralding an era of commercial seaweed farming in India. The invention of liquefying fresh(More)
In India, food-grade agar is produced from Gracilaria edulis while bacteriological-grade agar is extracted from Gelidiella acerosa. Agarose is directly obtained from Gracilaria dura. Seaweeds for agar production mainly come from wild stocks located in reefs of the Gulf of Mannar, southeast coast. Landings of Gr. edulis were peak (982 dry t) during 1990(More)
The paper describes the proposed method for Enhancement of Unambiguous DOA Estimation range using difference in angle between delta and sum channels of Phase Comparison Monopulse (PCM) for broad beam width in case of Radar application. The proposed method requires no hardware changes nor any complex computation or complex processing as compared to the(More)
Due to the advancement of Technologies, many companies and organizations today have huge databases, that grow to a limit of millions of records per day. This data generation and storage has become faster than ever. This resulted in databases of unbounded growth. The data even changes over time. As a consequence, if the data cannot fit into memory, it may be(More)
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