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An electrodynamic screen was designed, built, and tested for the removal of particles from its surface. The technology has a large number of applications ranging from space exploration to biotechnology. An AC signal was applied to the shield and it was studied the effect of its amplitude, shape, and frequency to the shield's particle removal properties. The(More)
Introduction: The primary objective of this project is to understand the consequences of glow electrical discharges on the chemistry and biology of Mars. The possibility was raised some time ago that the absence of organic material and carbonaceous matter in the Martian soil samples studied by the Viking Landers might be due in part to an intrinsic(More)
The Czechoslovakian system of centralized dispatch of all emergency medical services prevents competition between ground ambulances and air medical services. Although this program is less than two years old, remarkable progress has pushed Czechoslovakia to the forefront of modern-day air medical transport. However, the future of Czechoslovakian air medical(More)
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