C R Bebbington

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Two src family kinases, lck and fyn, participate in the activation of T lymphocytes. Both of these protein tyrosine kinases are thought to function via their interaction with cell surface receptors. Thus, lck is associated with CD4, CD8, and Thy-1, whereas fyn is associated with the T cell antigen receptor and Thy-1. In this study, the intracellular(More)
The hemocytes of tu-Sz ts melanotic tumor larvae of Drosophila melanogaster encapsulate heterospeciflc and surface-modified homospecific tissue implants, but do not encapsulate unmodified homospecific implants (R. Rizki and Rizki 1980). In the present study we used tu-Sz t~ hosts to assay changes in larval fat body surfaces during development. Donor fat(More)
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