C. Qian

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This paper considers replacement polices for an extended cumulative damage model with minimal maintenance at each shock and minimal repair at failure: A system is replaced at time T or at shock number N , and undergoes maintenance or repair between replacements. The expected cost rate is obtained and each optimal T * and N * to minimize the cost rate is(More)
Keywords: LED luminaire and lamp Luminous flux depreciation Lumen maintenance Accelerated test LM-80 Boundary curve a b s t r a c t Light Emitting Diode (LED) luminaires and lamps are energy-saving and environmental friendly alternatives to traditional lighting products. However, current luminous flux depreciation test at luminaire and lamp level requires a(More)
It is an important problem to determine the tenuring threshold to meet the pause time goal for a generational garbage collector. From such viewpoint, this paper proposes two stochastic models based on the working schemes of a generational garbage collector: One is random minor collection which occurs at a nonhomogeneous Poisson process and the other is(More)
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