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The triple combination of pyronaridine, sulfadoxine and pyrimethamine which has been proven to be efficient in delaying emergence of drug resistance of rodent malarial parasites was further studied for potential application to malaria control. The antimalarial effect of the triple combination on Plasmodium berghei ANKA-infected mice and the toxic effects in(More)
The toxicity of combined use of blood schizontocide pyronaridine (PND) and primaquine (PQ) in mice and rats was significantly lower than that of chloroquine (CQ) plus primaquine (PQ). PND 1/2 LD50 (ca 600 mg/kg) in combination with PQ reduced the toxic action of PQ in mice, while CQ 1/2 LD50 (ca 300 mg/kg) plus PQ produced synergistic toxic effect. In(More)