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In framework of traditional PID controllers, there are only three parameters available to tune, as a result, performance of the resulting system is always limited. As for Cartesian regulation of robot manipulators with uncertain Jacobian matrix, a scheme of PID controllers with error-dependent integral action is proposed. Compare with traditional PID(More)
The novel thin-film solar cell was investigated with a nanorod structure that could solve the conflict between light absorption and carrier transport in the amorphous silicon (a-Si)/amorphous silicon-germanium (a-SiGe) tandem thin-film solar cell. This structure has an n-type a-Si nanorod array on the substrate, and an a-SiOx p-layer and an a-SiGe i-layer(More)
The strain distributions in the In(0.53)Ga(0.47)As channel regions of the In(0.4)Ga(0.6)As source/drain (S/D) with various lengths and widths were studied via 3D process simulations. The resulting mobility improvement was analyzed. The tensile strain along the transport direction was found to dominate the mobility improvement. The strain along the vertical(More)
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