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In the present paper, we introduce a two-component model of the Galactic disk to investigate its chemical evolution. The formation of the thick and thin disks occur in two main accretion episodes with both infall rates to be Gaussian. Both the pre-thin and post-thin scenarios for the formation of the Galactic disk are considered. The best-fitting is(More)
Risk analysis of tunnel lining is a vital and complex problem. This paper presents a metrology for risk analysis of tunnel lining by employing Fault Tree Theory and Entropy Measurement. Some risk factors of tunnel lining are first identified. A lining fault tree analysis model is then established. Next, the entropy and entropy weight are applied to the risk(More)
Scanning tunneling spectroscopic studies of cuprate superconductors revealed that the most eminent phenomena of hole-doped (p-type) cuprates, including the predominant d x 2 −y 2 pairing symmetry, spin fluctuations and pseudogap, are absent in the infinite-layer electron-doped (n-type) cuprates Sr 1-x La x CuO 2. The optimally doped Sr 0.9 La 0.1 CuO 2(More)
Based on the laboratory experiment of steel fiber reinforced concrete (SFRC), a total of 10 specimens have been designed according to the aggregate interface condition, steel fiber ratios and different-strength concrete. These specimens were computed by MFPA2D in micro-structure level. Comparing the result of SFRC with plain concrete beams, this paper(More)
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