C Purring-Koch

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Cytochrome c (Cc) binding to apoptosis protease activation factor-1 (Apaf-1) is a critical activation step in the execution phase of apoptosis. Here we report studies that help define the Cc:Apaf-1 binding surface. It is shown that a large number of Cc residues, including residues 7, 25, 39, 62-65, and 72, are involved in the Cc:Apaf-1 interaction. Mutation(More)
In the apoptosis pathway in mammals, cytochrome c and dATP are critical cofactors in the activation of caspase 9 by Apaf-1. Until now, the detailed sequence of events in which these cofactors interact has been unclear. Here, we show through fluorescence polarization experiments that cytochrome c can bind to Apaf-1 in the absence of dATP; when dATP is added(More)
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