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1.0 INTRODUCTION The use of groundwater models is prevalent in the field of environmental science. Models have been applied to investigate a wide variety of hydrogeologic conditions. More recently, groundwater models are being applied to predict the transport of contaminants for risk evaluation. In general, models are conceptual descriptions or(More)
BACKGROUND This paper examines if, when controlling for biophysical and geographical variables (including rainfall, productivity of agricultural lands, topography/temperature, and market access through road networks), socioeconomic and health care indicators help to explain variations in the under-five mortality rate across districts from nine high focus(More)
BACKGROUND Addressing inequitable coverage of maternal and child health care services among different socioeconomic strata of population and across states is an important part of India's contemporary health program. This has wide implications for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goal targets. OBJECTIVE This paper assesses the inequity in(More)
BACKGROUND India, with a population of more than 1.21 billion, has the highest maternal mortality in the world (estimated to be 56000 in 2010); and adolescent (aged 15-19) mortality shares 9% of total maternal deaths. Addressing the maternity care needs of adolescents may have considerable ramifications for achieving the Millennium Development Goal (MDG)-5.(More)
OBJECTIVE Studies have highlighted that children of adolescent (aged 15-19 years) mothers are likely to receive relatively poor healthcare. With an unacceptably high adolescent birth rate, India houses the highest number of adolescent mothers globally, putting children at risk of inadequate vaccination. This paper assesses trends and extent of socioeconomic(More)
a slew of positive studies and years of government and NGO promotion, farmer enthusiasm for micro-irrigation technologies has been lukewarm in most parts of India. In recent years, however, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh are witnessing rapid expansion in the area under these technologies. Operating through special purpose vehicles-Gujarat Green Revolution(More)
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