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Among all control methods for induction motor drives, Direct Torque Control (DTC) seems to be particularly interesting being independent of machine rotor parameters and requiring no speed or position sensors. The DTC scheme is characterized by the absence of PI regulators, coordinate transformations, current regulators and PWM signals generators. In spite(More)
In this paper the steady state analysis and control of double-output induction generator (DOIG) for variable speed wind energy conversion system is studied. The objective is to analyze the performance of DOIG under steady state conditions. In addition, IGBT based current regulated voltage source converter with carrier-based Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation(More)
With growing concerns about environmental pollution and a possible energy shortage, great efforts have been taken by the governments around the world to implement renewable energy programs, based mainly on wind power, solar energy, small hydroelectric power, etc. With improving techniques, reducing costs and low environmental impact, wind energy seems(More)
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