C Pirrongelli

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Acetylcarnitine is an endogenous substance, active in the CNS, but its exact role in neurotransmission is still unknown. The present study was made to analyze by means of iontophoretic administration on single neurones of the medullary-pontine reticular formation in the rat the effects of the D- and L-acetylcarnitine on spontaneous and glutamate-evoked(More)
An open, cross-over study was performed on a population of 24 geriatric patients hospitalized because of depressive syndrome. They were subdivided, according to Hamilton's Scale as modified for the aged, into low- and high-score subgroups. The study period covered 2 months. Half the patients received acetylcarnitine for 1 month and placebo thereafter (Group(More)
Schizoaffective disorders are a blurred category of psychiatric pathology in which lithium seems to exert therapeutic effects. The present study was made on patients suffering from affective syndromes with positive schizophrenic symptoms ranging from none to severe. They were hospitalized because of an acute episode, treated with a slow-release lithium(More)
Lephetamine (L-SPA) is a compound with central analgesic and anti-inflammatory action, recently reported to be abused in Italy. In this study, cases of L-SPA abuse were recorded. The survey included 15 patients who were assessed for effects caused by using L-SPA and induced by withdrawal. Moreover L-SPA was administered to 15 volunteers. L-SPA displayed(More)
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