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The amount of amniotic fluid has a close correlation to the function of the fetal renal system. In many cases of fetal growth retardation oligohydramnios is obvious. The aim of this study is the investigation of the hourly fetal urine production rate (HFUPR) and the growth of fetal kidneys during pregnancy in cases of fetal growth retardation and to(More)
In the last weeks of gestation a progressive effacement of the uterine cervix can be observed. 28 patients underwent sonographical investigation weekly between 30th and 40th week of gestation for measuring the cervical length. We found a significant shortening of the uterine cervix in primiparae by about 34.4%, in multiparae by about 41.9%. Sonographic(More)
Among 9460 birth an incidence of 1.6% of velamentous insertion of the umbilical cord is recorded and the clinical relevance of this anomaly is examined. Apart from statistical confirmation of well-known connections between membranous insertion of the umbilical cord on the one hand, and malformations, multiple pregnancies and bleeding sub partu on the other(More)
In a study comprising 471 patients the clinical value of a standardized questionnaire (Gaudenz questionnaire) and the standing clinical stress test were determined in the diagnosis of urinary incontinence. The sensitivity, specificity and predictive value of the positive and negative test of both methods were ascertained. As opposed to the final urodynamic(More)
In order to investigate the influence of the endorphins on lower urinary tract function we antagonized the endogenous opiates with naloxone. We performed urodynamic examination in 17 incontinent women, administered intravenously 0.4 mg naloxone, and repeated the urodynamic examination. Bladder volume and pressure were not influenced by naloxone; the maximum(More)
52 women with stage T1 breast cancer were investigated by thermography, mammography and ultrasound and the results compared with the patients age, histological tumour type and the degree of malignancy. The best results were achieved by mammography (sensitivity: 85%). In tumours with a large amount of connective tissue (scirrhous or invasive lobular cancer)(More)
UNLABELLED The birth-physiological events: beginning of labour, rupture of membranes and delivery of 6 539 cases in the years 1976 to 1981 can be correlated with five groups of weather situations: no definite pressure gradient, anticyclonic, meridional, zonal mild maritime, and cyclonic. THE RESULTS temporary increase of the frequency of births in weather(More)
The correlation between clinical findings, mammography and thermography on the one hand and histological structure of the breast on the other hand, was investigated in 133 women. Palpable changes in the breast parenchyma indicated excision biopsy in all cases. The following criteria were employed for palpatory assessment: size, differentiation, nodular(More)
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