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BACKGROUND Many epidemiological studies examining the relationships between adverse health outcomes and exposure to air pollutants use ambient air pollution measurements as a proxy for personal exposure levels. When pollution levels vary at neighbourhood levels, using ambient pollution data from sparsely located fixed monitors may inadequately capture the(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic exposure to traffic-related air pollution is associated with a variety of health impacts in adults and recent studies show that exposure varies spatially, with some residents in a community more exposed than others. A spatial exposure simulation model (SESM) which incorporates six microenvironments (home indoor, work indoor, other indoor,(More)
Marine protected areas (MPAs) and zoning plans require an understanding of stakeholders if they are to be successful at achieving social and biological objectives. This study examines recreational boaters in a proposed MPA in British Columbia, Canada, using the recreation opportunity spectrum (ROS) and models of recreation conflict as a basis for(More)
We compare three road classification systems to actual traffic counts in order to assess how well the classification systems perform as indicators of traffic volume, assuming that clear differentiation of traffic volumes among classes is desirable. Actual traffic counts were obtained for 215 locations in the Greater Vancouver Regional District(GVRD); the(More)
INTRODUCTION While resistance exercise (REX) attenuates knee extensor (KE) mass and strength deficits during short-term unloading, additional treatments concurrently administered with REX are required to reduce the greater losses seen with longer periods of unloading. METHODS To determine whether albuterol helps REX attenuate unloading-induced KE losses,(More)
BACKGROUND Tools for estimating population exposures to environmental carcinogens are required to support evidence-based policies to reduce chronic exposures and associated cancers. Our objective was to develop indicators of population exposure to selected environmental carcinogens that can be easily updated over time, and allow comparisons and(More)