C. Perez

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BACKGROUND Gait and cognitive functions can deteriorate during dual tasking, especially in people with neurological deficits. Most studies examining the simultaneous effects of dual tasking on motor and cognitive aspects were not performed in ecological environments. Using virtual reality technology, functional environments can be simulated to study dual(More)
— A multilayer architecture to control multirotor UAVs equipped with a servo robot arm is proposed in this paper. The main purpose is to control the aerial platform taking into account the presence of the moving manipulator. Three layers are considered in this work. First, a novel mechanism is proposed considering a moving battery to counterweight the(More)
We have developed a mixed reality system incorporating virtual reality (VR), surface perturbations and light touch for gait rehabilitation. Haptic touch has emerged as a novel and efficient technique to improve postural control and dynamic stability. Our system combines visual display with the manipulation of physical environments and addition of haptic(More)
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