C. Parmentier

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UNLABELLED We evaluated the clinical utility of positive somatostatin receptor scintigraphy in patients with medullary thyroid cancer (MTC). METHODS Twenty-four MTC patients with increased calcitonin levels underwent somatostatin receptor scintigraphy using 111In-pentetreotide (120-200 MBq) with early (4 hr after injection) and delayed (24 hr) whole-body(More)
Gemcitabine is a first-line agent for advanced pancreatic cancer therapy. However, its efficacy is often limited by its poor intracellular metabolism and chemoresistance. To exert its antitumor activity, gemcitabine requires to be converted to its active triphosphate form. Thus, our aim was to improve gemcitabine activation using gene-directed enzyme(More)
Selective venous sampling catheterisation was performed in 19 patients with medullary thyroid carcinoma without known distant metastases for persistent hypercalcitoninaemia after surgery. Calcitonin (CT) gradients were found in the neck and/or the mediastinum in 18 patients and in five patients at distant sites also. After venous catheterisation, 13(More)
We studied 1771 patients treated for a thyroid cancer in two institutions. None of these patients had been treated with external radiotherapy and 1497 had received (131)I. The average (131)I cumulative activity administered was 7.2 GBq, and the estimated average dose was 0.34 Sv to the bone marrow and 0.80 Sv to the whole body. After a mean follow-up of 10(More)
Tumour specimens from 23 patients with thyroid carcinoma, 22 patients with thyroid adenoma, 3 with Graves' disease, and tissues from 8 normal thyroid glands were analyzed by Southern blot hybridization for the physical state of c-myc and c-fos proto-oncogenes. In 4 patients, both the primary tumour and lymph node metastases were analyzed. No amplification(More)
Cisplatinum may prove to be a valuable agent for the elimination of diseased cells in the bone marrow of patients with neuroblastoma. In this study, we measured the efficacy of cisplatinum on human neuroblastoma cell lines and on normal human bone marrow progenitors, GM-CFC and CFU-F. Data indicate that the therapeutic index of cisplatinum is high. We set(More)
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