C Papasteriadis

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Human T lymphocytes have been tested for cell surface p. 28,33 "Ia-like" heteroantigen and DRw alloantigens. Small numbers (1--5%) of sheep (E) rosette or T antigen-positive, surface immunoglobulin-negative (E+, T+, smIg-) T cells were Ia+; these cells appeared to be restricted to the TG subset. Following activation by allogeneic lymphocytes or sperm, or by(More)
It has been shown that Greek RA patients do not show an increased frequency of HLA-DR4 compared with Greek controls. As only the Dw4 and Dw14 subtypes of DR4 are implicated in RA, we have characterised DR4-positive Greek RA patients and controls using serology, MLC typing and RFLP analysis to see whether the distribution of DR4 subtypes or other HLA(More)
Observations are reported on 14 patients with a clinical diagnosis of recurrent or chronic relapsing idiopathic inflammatory polyneuropathy of Guillain-Barré type. The results suggest the possibility of a disease susceptibility gene for this disorder associated with the HLA-A1, -B8, -DRw3, and -Dw3 haplotype.
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