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The French-Italian interferometric gravitational wave detector VIRGO is currently being commissioned. Its principal instrument is a Michelson interferometer with 3 km long optical cavities in the arms and a power-recycling mirror. This paper gives an overview of the present status of the system. We report on the presently attained sensitivity and the(More)
We derive new upper limits on the ellipticity of pul-sars whose braking index has been measured, more tightening than those usually given, assuming that both a gravitational torque and an electromagnetic one act on them. We show that the measured braking indexes of pulsars are recovered in this model. We consider the electromagnetic torque both constant and(More)
An initial step in planning is to identify and involve relevant stakeholders. Faculty, academic administrators, and student affairs professionals need to play leading roles in charting the course for assessment. Students can contribute ideas, as can their parents, employers, advisory board members, and other community representatives. Trustees of an(More)
The Amaldi 10 Parallel Session C2 on gravitational wave(GW) search results, data analysis and parameter estimation included three lively sessions of lectures by 13 presenters, and 34 posters. The talks and posters covered a huge range 123 11 Page 2 of 26 P. Astone et al. of material, including results and analysis techniques for ground-based GW detectors ,(More)
We study, via a Monte Carlo simulation, a population of isolated asymmetric neutron stars where the magnitude of the magnetic field is low enough so that the dynamical evolution is dominated by the emission of gravitational waves. A starting population, with age uniformly distributed back to 100 Myr (or 500 Myr) and endowed with a birth kick velocity, is(More)
Received (received date) Revised (revised date) We consider the emission of gravitational waves in the two proposed models for the collapse of a massive star to a black hole: the prompt collapse, in which nearly all the star collapses to a black hole in a dynamical time scale, and the delayed collapse, in which a light black hole, or a neutron star, which(More)
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