C. P. Unsworth

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SUMMARY Independent component analysis (ICA) has recently been applied to epileptic seizure in the EEG. In this paper, the authors show how the fundamental axioms required for ICA to be valid are broken. Four common cases of childhood seizure are presented and assessed for stationarity and an eigenvalue analysis is applied. In all cases, for the stationary(More)
It is estimated that the adult human brain contains 100 billion neurons with 5-10 times as many astrocytes. Although it has been generally considered that the astrocyte is a simple supportive cell to the neuron, recent research has revealed new functionality of the astrocyte in the form of information transfer to neurons of the brain. In our previous work(More)
The xCELLigence technology is a real-time cellular biosensor, which measures the net adhesion of cells to high-density gold electrode arrays printed on custom-designed E-plates. The strength of cellular adhesion is influenced by a myriad of factors that include cell type, cell viability, growth, migration, spreading and proliferation. We therefore(More)
We report here the patterning of primary rat neurons and astrocytes from the postnatal hippocampus on ultra-thin parylene-C deposited on a silicon dioxide substrate, following observations of neuronal, astrocytic and nuclear coverage on strips of different lengths, widths and thicknesses. Neuronal and glial growth was characterized 'on', 'adjacent to' and(More)
The olfactory system detects volatile chemical compounds, known as odour molecules or odorants. Such odorants have a diverse chemical structure which in turn interact with the receptors of the olfactory system. The insect olfactory system provides a unique opportunity to directly measure the firing rates that are generated by the individual olfactory(More)
Perinatal hypoxia is a major cause of brain injury in preterm babies. Thus, neuro-protective treatments play a pivotal role during the first 6-8 hours post hypoxic-ischemic insult. However, at present it is not possible to determine which infants are suffering from hypoxic ischemia. Recent investigations suggest that there are high frequency micro-scale(More)