C. P. Thompson

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Four experiments examined the effects of language characteristics on voice identification. In Experiment 1, monolingual English listeners identified bilinguals' voices much better when they spoke English than when they spoke German. The opposite outcome was found in Experiment 2, in which the listeners were monolingual in German. In Experiment 3,(More)
The paradigm producing recognition failure of recallable words was investigated in a series of three experiments. Results indicate that retrieval asymmetry: (a) exists in the recognition failure paradigm directly following list study, (b) increases significantly following a free-association task aimed at generation of the target words from the study list,(More)
The present studies provided separate tests of the varied context and varied encoding hypotheses of the MP-DP effect. The investigation of varied encoding used an incidental learning procedure in which the nature of the orienting task was manipulated such that the subject attended to different attributes of words (varied encoding) or only one attribute(More)
Twenty-eight pediatric patients between the ages of 2 and 13 years underwent intraoperative measurement of the nasal choanae using an instrument custom designed for this purpose by the Pilling Surgical Instrument Company. Additional data points recorded included age, surgical procedure, and the presence or absence of nasal obstructive symptoms which was(More)
The use of different types of partial temporal information is shown to affect dating accuracy and the distribution of errors in event dating. Several different types of partial temporal information are discussed, but three are highlighted by the data. Specifically, subjects' dating error patterns suggest that they (1) use different types of within-week(More)
Two experiments investigated memory for the dates of events selected and recorded by subjects in diaries. In Experiment 1, personal events and public news events were compared, with retention time varying from 1 week up to 9 months. It was found that the day of the week was more accurately identified for personal events than for news events, that(More)
Nowadays dynamic Bayesian network (DBN) has been well known for its marvelous capabilities in modeling and analyzing a wide range of sequential systems. The notable advantage of DBN lies in it provides a good solution to the inference problems caused by uncertainty and complexity. Usually the main reason for uncertainty is randomicity; however, sometimes it(More)