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Primary carers provide much of the day-today care for community-dwelling people living with dementia (PWD). Maintaining that contribution will require a more in-depth understanding of the primary carer role and the support needs that flow from that role. This study explored patterns of formal and informal support utilisation by people caring for a PWD in a(More)
The development of "whole-of-patient" approaches is explored using transcripts of 10 interviews with registered nurses implementing the Quickscreen Clinical Falls Risk Assessment Tool in general practices in northern Tasmania. These data suggest that while the tool helped develop holistic nursing practices, the development of multidisciplinary practices(More)
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES To systematically review the qualitative evidence on factors that affect the experience of patients attending nurse-led clinics and compare with key elements of person-centred care. BACKGROUND As the number of nurse-led clinics increases in response to health system needs, evaluation has focused on clinical outcomes and cost. Patient(More)
For at least the last 10 years, control and restraint (C&R) has gained increased popularity amongst nurses as a safe, professional and legal means to manage violence in health care settings. However, during this period there has been an increased momentum to find non-aversive management strategies for people with learning disabilities and there has been(More)
Preventing plagiarism is an ongoing issue for higher education institutions. Although plagiarism has been traditionally seen as cheating, it is increasingly thought to be the result of poor referencing, with students reporting difficulties citing and referencing bibliographic sources. This study examined the academic knowledge, attitude, skills, and(More)
This paper builds upon a previous piece of research regarding the development of 'natural therapeutic holding' as a non-aversive alternative to control and restraint (C and R) in managing aggression and violence in people with learning disabilities. This paper represents aspects of an ongoing programme of research and explains the aims and values which(More)