C. P. Rupert

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We examine a variety of polynomial-chaos-motivated approximations to a stochastic form of a steady state groundwater flow model. We consider approaches for truncating the infinite dimensional problem and producing decoupled systems. We discuss conditions under which such decoupling is possible and show that to generalize the known decoupling by numerical(More)
If L is a subset of the monoid M, then = L denotes th e coarsest congruence saturating L ; explicitly , 6 =L 'L VxE M eye M xay E L xty e L . The quotient M / =L is denoted by ML . L C M is recognizable if M L i s finite . Rational operations are defined thus : for P C M and Q C M , P* denotes the submonoid generated by P, P u Q the ordinary union , and PQ(More)
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