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1. Single-neuron behavior in the cochlear nerve of neonatal (3-day-old) chicks was examined after exposure to a 120-dB SPL pure tone (0.9 kHz) for 48 h. Exposed animals were tested after 0 days or 12 days of recovery. Nonexposed chicks, age-matched to the exposed animals, formed two control groups. 2. Spectral response plots were obtained from each cell.(More)
Groups of neonatal chicks were examined in three experimental conditions that differed in the age and number of times they were exposed to a pure tone of 0.9 kHz at 120 dB SPL for 48 h. Several animals were exposed once at 2 or 16 days of age, while others were subjected twice to the above stimulus, first at 2 days and then at 16 days. Evoked potential(More)
Chicks were exposed to an intense pure tone (0.9 kHz, 120 dB SPL) for 48 h. The DC endocochlear potential was measured with a microelectrode inserted into scala media in six separate groups of animals between 0 and 12 days post exposure. Similar data were obtained from seven groups of unexposed control chicks between 2 and 15 days of age. One to nine(More)
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