C P Pappas

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Thirty-eight samples of bovine milk and 28 samples of three types of cheese were collected throughout Greece during 1991 and 1992, and analyzed for 13 organochlorine insecticides, three herbicides, and one organophosphorus insecticide residues. Eleven milk samples (28.9% of analyzed samples) contained residues of one or more of the following: lindane,(More)
Transfer coefficients for radiocaesium transport from a sheep's diet to blood, muscle, lung, liver, kidney, spleen heart, brain, rumen, intestines and fat were measured in a controlled experiment involving 50 adult ewes. The animals were fed dry grass and wheat, both contaminated with Chernobyl fallout debris, for a period of 60 days. During this period(More)
In a series of experiments, the transfer of radiocesium from ovine milk to feta cheese was investigated through modifications of the standard cheese making procedure. All variations explored showed no significant change in the percentage of radiocesium transfer and the milk-to-cheese transfer coefficient was determined as f=.79 plus/minus .04 L.kg-1. It is(More)
The effectiveness of Prussian Blue in reducing the radiocesium contamination in ovine tissues was investigated. Five ewes were fed 137Cs-contaminated wheat for 30 d. When the 137Cs concentration in milk had reached equilibrium, one animal, serving as the control, was slaughtered and the activity in its tissues was measured. Two ewes were offered daily 1 g(More)
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