C. P. Ogbourne

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A total of 21 species of Cyathostominae was found in the lumen of the large intestine of 86 mature horses of various ages and breeds killed in south-west England during 1972-1974. Cylicostephanus longibursatus, C. goldi, C. calicatus, Cyathostomum catinatum, C. coronatum and Cylicocyclus nassatus were found in over 80% of the horses, while 12 of the(More)
Detailed information on the influence of temperature on the free-living development of those nematodes of the family Strongylidae which occur in horses is lacking, except for the species of Strongylus, of which the infective larvae can easily be distinguished in faecal cultures of mixed species. The larvae of most other species, including almost all of the(More)
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