C. P. Navathe

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A high-voltage pulse-slicer unit with variable pulse duration has been developed and integrated with a 7 MeV linear electron accelerator (LINAC) for pulse radiolysis investigation. The pulse-slicer unit provides switching voltage from 1 kV to 10 kV with rise time better than 5 ns. Two MOSFET based 10 kV switches were configured in differential mode to get(More)
This paper investigates the near field, far field and conducted electromagnetic emissions in a pulsed power supply circuit for a flash lamp pumped solid-state laser amplifier. The power supply consists of a charging circuit, which energizes 300 μF of energy storage capacitor bank to 3 kV. The stored energy is discharged through a flash lamp in the form of(More)
In this paper, a ramp generator with programmable slope is presented. It consists of a high voltage step generator, followed by integrator. The capacitor and inductor in the integrator are designed such that they can be varied by a microcontroller. This circuit generates two bipolar ramps with fastest speed <1 ns and provides continuous speed variation from(More)
The length of electron bunches in a storage ring is an important parameter for both synchrotron radiation users and accelerator physicists. Several methods are used for measurements of bunch length using electronic and optical instruments. We have measured temporal profile of synchrotron radiation emitted from dipole magnet of Indus-1 by using fast(More)
A microcontroller based system has been developed for automation of the S-20 optical streak camera, which is used as a diagnostic tool to measure ultrafast light phenomenon. An 8 bit MCS family microcontroller is employed to generate all control signals for the streak camera. All biasing voltages required for various electrodes of the tubes are generated(More)
A diagnostic system to detect electrical faults inside a coaxial high current discharge device is presented here. This technique utilizes two biconical antennas picking up electromagnetic radiation from the discharge device, a voltage divider sensing input voltage, and a Rogowski coil measuring the main discharge current. A computer program then analyses(More)
A high voltage pulse generator with variable amplitude (100-3000 V) and duration (100-2000 μs) has been designed and developed. The variable duration pulse has been generated by adopting a simple and novel technique of varying the turn off delay time of a high voltage Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor (MOSFET) based switch by varying(More)
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