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Down syndrome (DS) is the most common aneuploid chromosomal disorder at birth. Phenotypic characteristics include mental retardation, general hypotonia, pharyngeal hypoplasia, frequently constricted maxillary arch with macroglossia and upper air way obstruction. Generally they have marked language difficulties and a characteristic voice. This prospective(More)
A male Afro-descendant patient, 57 years old, complaining of polyarticular involvement and weight loss for 18 months, with a load of 13.5 pack years of smoking. On physical examination there was pain on palpation of the right knee and right leg, with signs of inflammation on the knee. We also observed digital clubbing in all fingers. Antinuclear antibodies(More)
The main purpose of this work consists on the preparation of single layered molybdenum oxynitride, MoNxOy. The films were deposited on steel substrates by dc reactive magnetron sputtering. The depositions were carried out from a pure Mo target varying the flow rate of reactive gases, which allowed tune the crystallographic structure between insulating(More)
Raman spectroscopy has been used as a local probe to characterize the structural evolution of magnetron-sputtered decorative zirconium oxynitride ZrOxNy films which result from an increase of reactive gas flow in the deposition The lines shapes, the frequency position and widths of the Raman bands show a systematic change as a function of the reactive gas(More)
Single-layered zirconium oxynitride (ZrNxOy) thin films have been deposited on steel substrates, at a constant temperature of 300 8C, by radiofrequency (rf) reactive magnetron sputtering of a pure Zr target in an argon–oxygen–nitrogen atmosphere. The variation of the flow rate of the reactive gases enabled changes in the composition and structure of the(More)
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