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This paper argues for a multi-level explanatory model for understanding institutional reform. The expanding but still modest accumulation in the field tends to clamp together different levels of efficient causes. Statements like " reform will be more likely in countries that have swiftly proceeded with macroeconomic reform and stabilization and have the(More)
We present in this article guidelines to design a dual-standard dual-mode low-noise amplifier (LNA) for DCS1800/W-CDMA applications. In order to save die area compared to conventional parallel LNAs, we have used an alternative circuit configuration. It consists of sharing the most die consuming elements (inductances) in both operation standards, enabling a(More)
This article presents guidelines to design a dual-standard fully-integrated RF receiver front-end (RFFE). The designed front-end consists of two system selection integrated FBAR filters, a dual-standard low-noise amplifier (LNA), an active single-to-differential converter (SDC) and I/Q downconversion mixers. The active blocks use the 0.25-mm 60-GHz fT(More)
This paper presents a dual-mode RF receiver front-end consisting of a LNA, an active single-ended-to-differential converter and a downconversion mixer. It uses a high performance 0.25-&#956;m 60-GHz <i>fr</i> SiGe:C BiCMOS7RF integration technology from STMicroelectronics. The proposed RF receiver front-end (RFFE) is targeted to GSM1800 (1805-1880MHz) and(More)
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