C. P. Katti

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Information and communication technology has been growing rapidly for the last few decades. In today's age of information and globalization massive computing power is desired to generate business insights and competitive advantage [1]. Cloud Computing is an emerging technology and has attracted a lot of attention in both commercial and academic spheres. It(More)
It has been shown in [Nuclear Science and Engineering 93 (1986) 6799] that the finite difference discretization of Navier–Stoke’s equation leads to the solution of N N system written in the matrix form as My 1⁄4 B, where M is a quasi-tridiagonal having non-zero elements at the top right and bottom left corners. We present an efficient parallel algorithm on(More)
Digital revolution led to shift from the industrial age to ICT age. Cloud computing is one of the important innovation of the digital revolution. It is a new paradigm for hosting and delivering services using standard protocols of the Internet. It also provides the capability to utilize scalable, distributed computing environments within the confines of(More)