C. P. Katti

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A long-standing concept in vision science has held that a single photoreceptor expresses a single type of opsin, the protein component of visual pigment. However, the number of examples in the literature of photoreceptors from vertebrates and invertebrates that break this rule is increasing. Here, we describe a newly discovered Limulus opsin, Limulus(More)
Class III myosins are important for the function and survival of photoreceptors and ciliary hair cells. Although vertebrates possess two class III myosin genes, myo3A and myo3B, recent studies have focused on Myo3A because mutations in the human gene are implicated in progressive hearing loss. Myo3B may compensate for defects in Myo3A, yet little is known(More)
In this paper there is developed and tested a parallel scheme for the solution of linear systems of ordinary initial value problems based on the box scheme and a modified recursive doubling technique. The box scheme may be replaced by any stable integrator. The algorithm can be modified to solve boundary value problems. Software for both problems is(More)
—-A parallel algorithm for the class of two-point boundary value problems y" = f(z, y), y(0) = A, y(1) = B with ~ > 0 and ~ continuous on [0,1] x (—oo,oc) is presented. Using an idea similar to that in [1], we divide [0,1] into p different divisions, each division consisting of N or (N+1) (N small) unequal intervals. A high-order finite difference scheme(More)
ABSRACT In this paper, we have analyzed the effect of node mobility on theperformance of AOMDV multipath routing protocol. This routing protocol in ad hoc network has been analyzed with random way point mobility model only. This is not sufficient to evaluate the behavior of a routing protocol. Therefore, in this paper, we have considered Random waypoint,(More)