C P Jerome

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Fig. 3. Fibrin thrombus with organization in right basal vein. HE. Bar = 250 wm. great cerebral vein, the difference in cerebral venous anatomy may account for the thrombosis of the right basal vein and the lack ofthrombosis in the great cerebral vein ofthe present canine c a ~ e. ~. ~ The fresh fibrin thrombus in the midportion of the left basal vein was(More)
The notochords of three normal, 35-day Macaca mulatta embryos were examined ultrastructurally. Notochordal cells had numerous polysomes and ribosomes, and some rough endoplasmic reticulum, mitochondria, Golgi complexes, coated vesicles, and secretory granules. A discontinuous basal lamina surrounded the notochord. Intercellular channels and the(More)
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