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In this paper, a novel extension neural network (ENN) is proposed. This new neural network is a combination of extension theory and neural network. It uses an extension distance (ED) to measure the similarity between data and cluster center. The learning speed of the proposed ENN is shown to be faster than the traditional neural networks and other fuzzy(More)
In recent years, the 2.5D IC (Integrated Circuit) package with TSV (Through Silicon Vias) has become important for high-bandwidth and high-performance applications. It is well known that 2.5D technology requires significant innovation in the areas of process technology, packaging, design, thermals, and test solutions leading to several hundred new(More)
The Embedded die in substrate (EDS) market has grown significantly over the past several years and it is now one of the fastest growing packaging technologies in the semiconductor industry driven by smaller form factor, better heat dissipating, low noise emission, higher levels of integration and better performance. In addition, for power management and(More)
As results of high-cost, technique barriers, and low yields, 3D IC is still unable to be a general productive product. Therefore, 2.5D IC has become a very important transitional product instead of 3D IC, although it currently needs to face some critical issues in package process, particularly for interface delamination caused by adhesion insufficiency due(More)
  • C. P. Hung
  • 2015 28th IEEE International Conference on Micro…
  • 2015
MEMS sensor growth in the future is expected with inevitable trend on miniaturization for smartphone and wearable devices. In this presentation, the next wave architecture of 3D IC packaging solution overview versus traditional packaging technologies will be demonstrated and discussed, for applications including MEMS.
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