C. P. Gupta

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The scope and method of imparting distance education to the learner has evolved over a period of time. Various models of distance education have been introduced over the years; the latest introduction is the use of Web 2.0 technologies to make distance learning more analytical, flexible, interactive, and collaborative for both the teacher and the taught.(More)
This paper proposes GENCOs' profit maximization using Binary Article Bee Colony Optimization based on global best parameters (GbBABC). The optimal rival bidding strategy is employed to maximize GENCOs' profit. Monte Carlo (MC) simulation has been used to predict the bidding behavior of the rivals. In this paper, a bi-level optimization problem has(More)
This paper proposes an optimal congestion management approach under hybrid electricity market using Self organizing hierarchical particle swarm optimization with Time Varying Acceleration Coefficients (SPSO-TVAC). The aim of the proposed work is to minimize deviations from preferred transaction schedules and hence the congestion cost under hybrid(More)