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With single computer's computation power not sufficing, need for sharing resources to manipulate and manage data through clouds is increasing rapidly. Hence, it is favorable to delegate computations or store data with a third party, the cloud provider. However, delegating data to third party poses the risks of data disclosure during computation. The problem(More)
This paper proposes an optimal congestion management approach in a deregulated electricity market using Bacterial foraging particle swarm optimization (BFPSO). The aim of the proposed work is to minimize deviations from preferred transaction schedules and hence the congestion cost. Generator reactive power support is considered to lower the congestion cost.(More)
In a competitive power market, the task of an independent system operator (ISO) is to ensure full dispatches of the contracted power are carried out reliably. However, if it threatens the system security then ISO makes decision on the re-dispatch of the contracted power i.e., Congestion Management. This paper proposes an optimal congestion management(More)
Capability of operating over encrypted data makes Fully Homomorphic Encryption(FHE)the Holy Grail for secure data processing applications. Though many applications need only secret keys, FHE has not been achieved properly through symmetric cryptography. Major hurdle is the need to refresh noisy ciphertexts which essentially requires public key and(More)
This paper proposes GENCOs' profit maximization using Binary Article Bee Colony Optimization based on global best parameters (GbBABC). The optimal rival bidding strategy is employed to maximize GENCOs' profit. Monte Carlo (MC) simulation has been used to predict the bidding behavior of the rivals. In this paper, a bi-level optimization problem has(More)
Today, cloud offers unlimited computing capabilities at affordable price. However, securing data in cloud ensuring usability and availability of data presents a challenge. Benefits promised by cloud computing cannot be availed fully until security issues are properly addressed. Homomorphic encryption ensures data security during computation as well. Most of(More)