C. P. Chou

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This paper reports the design, construction, and testing of a replica of the human arm, which aims to be dynamically as well as kinematically accurate. The arm model is actuated with McKibben pneumatic artificial muscles, and controlled by a special purpose digital signal processing system designed to simulate spinal neural networks in real time. An(More)
Research studying robustness of maximum likelihood (ML) statistics in covariance structure analysis has concluded that test statistics and standard errors are biased under severe non-normality. An estimation procedure known as asymptotic distribution free (ADF), making no distributional assumption, has been suggested to avoid these biases. Corrections to(More)
Valid and reliable measures of psychological and behavioral constructs are critical to clinical research, particularly longitudinal treatment research, in which multiple groups are compared over time for possible changes within and between constructs as a result of intervention or development. Structural equation modeling (SEM) analysis is a class of(More)
Pattern reliability, or the invariance of relationships among variables, was investigated in this study. The consistency of theoretical constructs reflected by measures taken at two separate occasions can be tested using confirmatory factor analysis. Self-report data were obtained from 323 narcotics addicts in two face-to-face interviews conducted in(More)
Although a variety of social support measures have been developed, their conceptual distinctiveness and similarity have not been addressed in an empirical manner. This study presents a latent-variable approach to separate several sources and types of support and to determine the validity of a social support battery administered to a group of 739 young(More)
Analytic approaches, including the structural equation model (autoregressive panel model), hierarchical linear model, latent growth curve model, survival/event history analysis, latent transition model, and time-series analysis (interrupted time series, multivariate time-series analysis) are discussed for their applicability to data of different structures(More)
VERSANT is the industry's leading object database management system (ODBMS) for developing applications in multiuser , dstribtrted environments. VERSANT ODBMS has an object-based client-server architecture which is particularly suitable for such complex applications as telecommunications, trartsporta-tions, and utilities network management systems. Because(More)
This study aims to explore the association between dysfunctional sleep beliefs and vulnerability to stress-related transient sleep disturbance in people without sleep disturbance. One hundred thirty-two good sleepers and 307 poor sleepers were included in this study. As expected, poor sleepers showed more dysfunctional beliefs than good sleepers on the(More)
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