C. P. Anil Kumar

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A detailed nonlinear time series analysis of the hourly data of the geomagnetic horizontal intensity H measured at Kodaikanal (10.2 N; 77.5 E; mag: dip 3.5 N) has been carried out to investigate the dynamical behaviour of the fluctuations of H . The recurrence plots, spatiotemporal entropy and the result of the surrogate data test show the deterministic(More)
An investigation was carried out to study the AM fungal association in Sida cardifolia from different parts of Karnataka. AM colonization in the roots, spore load and Phosphatase activity in the root zone soil collected from different parts of Karnataka were determined. AM root colonization was more in the roots of Sida cardifolia collected from Kolar and(More)
Here, we present a surface potential based compact model for common double gate MOSFET (indDG) along with implementation results. The model includes core model, intrinsic model (Short Geometry effects and Non-quasi static effect) and noise model for asymmetric common double gate (CDG) MOSFET. The existing models for CDG MOSFET are developed for device with(More)
The present preliminary investigation reveals the anti-oxidant effects of Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia) leaves. Dried and powdered leaves of Tinospora cordifolia was subjected to methanol extraction, and total phenols, sugars and proteins were determined. DNA fragmentation was carried out using isolated human peripheral lymphocytes and Calf thymus DNA as a(More)
Background: Depressive disorders are major public health concern worldwide. The currently used drugs are associated with low success rate and significant drug related adverse effects. Therefore there is a focus for the development of drugs acting on different targets. As N-methyl-D-aspertate [NMDA] receptors are involved in the pathophysiology of(More)
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