C P A Wapenaar

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Intravascular elastography is a new technique to obtain mechanical properties of the vessel wall and plaque. Mechanical information of vascular tissue is important for characterisation of different plaque components, detection of plaque vulnerability and thus choosing the proper interventional technique. The feasibility of the technique is investigated(More)
Guided by similarities between electronic and classical waves, a numerical code based on a formalism proven to be very effective in condensed matter physics has been developed, aiming to describe the propagation of elastic waves in stratified media (e.g. seismic signals). This so-called recursive Green function technique is frequently used to describe(More)
A causality problem in the time-dependent scattering of classical waves from point scatterers is pointed out and analyzed. Based on an alternative model, the leading pole approximation of the exact scattering matrix of the square-well potential, transparent expressions for the time- and position-dependent Green function in a disordered medium are derived.
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