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We report the creation of an ultracold neutral plasma by photoionization of laser-cooled xenon atoms. The charge carrier density is as high as 2 3 109 cm23, and the temperatures of electrons and ions are as low as 100 mK and 10 mK, respectively. Plasma behavior is evident in the trapping of electrons by the positive ion cloud when the Debye screening length(More)
We report manipulation of the atom number statistics associated with Bose-Einstein condensed atoms confined in an array of weakly linked mesoscopic traps. We used the interference of atoms released from the traps as a sensitive probe of these statistics. By controlling relative strengths of the tunneling rate between traps and atom-atom interactions within(More)
Using 40 ns laser pulses, we probe the real-time dynamics of ultracold ionizing collisions in metastable xenon. We time resolve both shielding and enhancement effects, and observe the production of Xe2 molecular ions through associative ionization. We estimate the rate of molecule formation in excited-state collisions, and directly measure the role of both(More)
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