C. O. Stöckle

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Prediction of plant water status is necessary for the judicious application of regulated deficit irrigation. CropSyst, a generic crop growth model that is applicable to fruit trees, was used to forecast plant water potential for irrigation management recommendations in a pear orchard. Plant water potential is predicted along with tree transpiration using(More)
Accurate prediction of crop coefficient (K c) is necessary for proper irrigation management. We explored CropSyst for determining irrigation requirements of apple trees and for accuracy of K c prediction. Values of K c were compared to those obtained, over 2002–2010, from lysimeter-grown trees. Over these years, trees had different ratios of height (H) to(More)
The simulation model VegSyst was calibrated and validated for tomato grown under plastic cover. Calibration was conducted with an autumn–winter soil-grown crop, and validation with five crops with differences in season, cropping media, and site. VegSyst accurately simulated daily dry matter production (DMP), N uptake, and ETc. Comparing simulated and(More)
The VegSyst simulation model was developed to assist with N and irrigation management of sweet pepper grown in plastic greenhouses in the Mediterranean Basin. The model was developed for use in an on-farm decision support system with the requirement for readily available input data. Dry matter production (DMP), crop N uptake and crop evapotranspiration(More)
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