C O Alexander

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An increase in the flux of nitrogen from the Mississippi river during the latter half of the twentieth century has caused eutrophication and chronic seasonal hypoxia in the shallow waters of the Louisiana shelf in the northern Gulf of Mexico. This has led to reductions in species diversity, mortality of benthic communities and stress in fishery resources.(More)
Smolting juvenile coho salmon were sampled to determine (1) whether a correlation between hypo-osmoregulatory ability and visual pigment composition existed and (2) whether the hormone 3,5,3'-tri-iodothyronine (T3) was playing a role in the visual pigment conversion process. Plasma sodium levels of seawater-challenged fish (30 ) indicated that there was a 5(More)
The purpose of this review was twofold. First, we wanted to identify fundamental terms within the motivation literature associated with the study of academic achievement or academic development. Having identified these terms with the help of experts in the field of motivation, we wanted to document how motivation researchers defined and used these terms(More)
During the last few years there have been many changes in the way that financial institutions model risk. New risk capital regulations have motivated a need for vertically integrated risk systems based on a unified framework throughout the whole office. If the risk exposures in all locations of a large institution are to be netted, the risk system must also(More)
Carbon dioxide well gases in Colorado, New Mexico, and South Australia show excesses of (124-128)Xe correlated with (129)I-derived (129)Xe and (20)Ne/(22)Ne ratios that are higher than the atmospheric (20)Ne/(22)Ne ratio. The xenon isotopic data indicate the presence of a solarlike component deep within Earth. The presence of this component in crustal and(More)
We consider the problem of model-selection-type aggregation of arbitrary density estimators using MISE risk. Given a collection of arbitrary density estimators, we propose a data-based selector of the best estimator in the collection and prove a general ready-to-use oracle inequality for the selected aggregate estimator. We then apply this inequality to the(More)
Recently it has been shown [1,2] that chaotic systems with a simple, very common type of symmetry can display a striking new kind of behavior. In particular, these systems may have an attractor whose basin of attraction is such that every point in the basin has pieces of another attractor s basin arbitrarily nearby [3]. That is, if rp is any point in the(More)