C Niederlaender

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Morphological segmentation of the avian hindbrain into rhombomeres is also reflected by the emergent organisation of branchiomotor nerves. In each case, the motor neurons of these nerves lie in two adjacent rhombomeres (e.g. of the Vth nerve in r2 and r3, VIIth in r4 and r5 etc.), and their outgrowing axons emerge into the periphery through defined exit(More)
This article reviews the Genuair(®) inhaler, a novel, multidose, breath-actuated dry powder inhaler. The inhaler design includes visual and acoustic feedback to reassure patients that they have taken their medication correctly, a dose indicator and a lock-out mechanism to prevent the use of an empty inhaler. The inhaler has medium airflow resistance and(More)
Pattern-reversal visual evoked cortical potentials (VECP) taken from 25 healthy volunteers before, during and after short-lasting elevation of intraocular pressure proved to be dependent on ciliary perfusion pressure (pp cil) in a characteristic way. Reductions of pp cil to ca. 30 mm Hg did not result in VECP changes. These results point to efficient(More)
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