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The importance of the influence of health protecting and health promoting behaviors on the health of Appalachian African Americans has not been widely published. Review of the literature revealed a paucity of research data describing these behaviors. Therefore, the purpose of this descriptive study was to describe health protecting and health promoting(More)
Interviewing was found to be an excellent teaching strategy in the promotion of cultural sensitivity in the course described in this article. Students were active learners in the acquisition of knowledge and critical thinkers in the analysis of the knowledge. Leininger (1991) emphasized the need for cultural sensitivity and cultural specific care in(More)
The development of creative persons in the field of nursing has been identified as a major task for nurse leaders (1). A critical component in the development of creative nurses is the development of persons who are culturally sensitive, who recognize and respect cultural diversity (2). [symbol: see text] Nurses need a broad understanding of the impact of(More)
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