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The results of a project aimed to the study, reconstruction and presentation to the public of a monument disassembled and dispersed, the mausoleum of the emperor Arrigo VII, are presented here. We used modern 3D graphics for the acquisition of accurate digital models of all the elements of the funerary complex, to draw hypothesis on its original(More)
BACKGROUND In past years research has focused on the development of alternative Gram positive bacterial expression systems to produce industrially relevant proteins. Brevibacillus choshinensis is an easy to handle non-sporulating bacterium, lacking extracellular proteases, that has been already shown to provide a high level of recombinant protein(More)
In this paper we describe the virtual reconstruction of a dismantled and dispersed piece of art: the Funerary Complex of Arrigo VII. To faithfully reconstruct the monument, all of the statues and elements of the mausoleum have been acquired in digital 3D format; then, with advanced computer graphics techniques, some of the accredited reconstructing(More)
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