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– In this paper, adaptive tracking control of an underactuated quadrotor is addressed. Position and yaw trajectory tracking is designed using state feedback control system and an integrator backstepping approach is applied to this coupled and cascaded dynamic system. The control design is further complicated by considering the parametric uncertainty of the(More)
A subset of H2M3wt-restricted, Listeria monocytogenes (LM)-immune CD8 effectors recognize antigen-presenting cells (APC) preincubated with heat-killed LM. The responsible product, which we have previously designated heat-killed Listeria-associated antigen (HAA), is extremely hydrophobic and resistant to proteolytic degradation. Despite the protease(More)
We consider the problems of chaos and parametric control in nonlinear systems under an asymmetric potential subjected to a multiscale type excitation. The lower bound line for horseshoes chaos is analyzed using the Melnikov's criterion for a transition to permanent or transient nonperiodic motions, complement by the fractal or regular shape of the basin of(More)
The paper reports an exploratory project to provide research experiences on swarm robotics to high school students. A group of three simple mobile robots (Lego NXT) was used to study 'search and rescue' operation. A bio-inspired global optimization technique called particle swarm optimization (PSO) was used as the main algorithm. Each robot was placed in(More)
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