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We have studied neuropathologically 200 aged nursing home residents (101 men and 99 women) autopsied between 1976 and 1985. Seventy-three of the 200 showed dementia during life, that is, 27% and 55% of the residents in nursing homes and special nursing homes, respectively. The relative frequencies of SDAT and VD in nursing homes as a whole were the same(More)
We reported a case with bilateral necrosis of the basal ganglia after hypotensive shocks. The patient was a 69-year-old woman, who fell into a hypotensive shock (B.P. below 40 mmHg) of unknown origin during examination of her bladder cancer and was admitted into CCU. After admission, hypotensive shocks were repeated four times (B.P. below 50 mmHg each(More)
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