C. Naga Raju

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DNA Cryptography is a new cryptographic paradigm from hastily growing bio molecular computation, as its computational power will determine next generation computing. As technology is growing much faster, data protection is getting more important and it is necessary to design the unbreakable encryption technology to protect the information. In this paper, we(More)
The DNA Cryptography is more efficient technique to provide security by converting the plain text into the DNA sequence. The DNA sequence consisting of four alphabets A, C, G and T. Each alphabet is related to a nucleotide. DNA can be used to store, transmit the data and used for computation of the security for the data. The existing DNA technique takes(More)
In the title compound, C(21)H(18)BrN(2)O(5)P, the six-membered oxaza-phosphinine ring is in a twist-boat conformation. One of the phosphoryl O atoms is in an equatorial configuation while the other is axial with respect to the oxaza-phosphinine ring. The mean planes of the benzene ring to which the nitro group is attached and the phenyl ring form a dihedral(More)
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